Looking for a Barber in Cardiff, look no further.

Hello, Thank you for taking the time out to look at our website. Please have a look around.


Meet the team, find our shops, look through our products list and check our prices. If you llike what you see here you will love what we have to offer @ the barber shops. We have 3 barbershops in Cardiff.


Roath - Llandaff North - The Cardiff Student Union in Cathays.


We offer Barbering and Grooming services using modern and traditional techniques, 

so whether your looking for a hot towel shave or a fresh fade we have you covered.

We have a team of 8 barbers who cover a wide range of techniques and styles.


Affordable prices, convenient opening times and a friendly atmosphere. There is plenty to do if your bring the kids the wife or even your friend. Take advantage of our ''bring a frined for a fiver deal'.


We have, screens, consoles and even a pool table at our roath barbershop. 


Hope to see you in the chair soon.


No booking needed so you can walk in @ any time but once you do find the right Barber and Barbershop for you then you can book in using our APP to pick your preferred time, llocation and barber.